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      Minimally Invasive Bunion Surgery Miami Beach FL

      Minimally Invasive Bunion Surgery - Facts

      FAQs about the Day of Bunion Surgery

      1. How long does bunion surgery take? Duration of bunion surgery is 1 hour.
      2. Is bunion surgery outpatient? Yes, bunion surgery is an outpatient procedure (you will go home the same day)
      3. Does bunion surgery require general anesthesia? Anesthesia is sedation or general + regional (the foot will be numb for 2-3 days, making it difficult to walk. We will provide you with crutches to help you mobilize these first 2-3 days).
      4. What type of anesthesia is used for bunion surgery? Sedation or general anesthesia (you can discuss which one with the anesthesiologist on the day of surgery) is required during bunion surgery as this is a very precise surgery, requiring complete patient immobility.

      Bunion Surgery Postoperative Period

      Bunion Surgery Miami Beach FL
      1. You will be able to walk on the surgical foot as soon as the nerve block wears off (2-3 days).
      2. Postoperative pain is typically managed with the prescribed pain medications.
      3. You will need to keep the foot bandaged for the first 2 weeks (cannot get it wet).
      4. Sutures will fall off on their own in most cases.
      5. You will need to wear a special postoperative sandal that we will provide for 6 weeks, after which you can wear sneakers or wide shoes that can accommodate swelling.
      6. Bunion surgery on the right foot will prevent you from driving for 2-6 weeks.
      7. High heels are allowed 3 months after bunion surgery
      8. The foot will remain swollen for about 4 months.
      9. Return to low-impact activities (elliptical, stationary bike, upper body exercises): as soon as you feel comfortable.
      10. Return to higher impact activities (running, yoga, etc): 12 weeks after surgery
      11. Return to work: as soon as you feel comfortable. Most patients with desk jobs return to work within a week or two. The remaining patients return to work within 6 weeks

      What are the Risks of Bunion Surgery?

      1. Bunion recurrence, as with most bunionectomy techniques, is 15%.
      2. Risks of the procedure (including but not limited to): nerve irritation, infection, bone fracture, bone malalignment, bone not healing, avascular necrosis, joint stiffness, permanent numbness, chronic regional pain syndrome, transfer metatarsalgia, hallux varus, blood clot (overall occurrence of these is about 9%).

      Please see a more detailed list of potential risks under Possible Surgical Complications

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