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      Possible Surgical Complications

      Unfortunately, no surgical procedure has a 100% success rate. Complications are an inevitable part of the surgery that all patients should be aware of. This does not mean that you WILL develop a complication. Below are some of the complications observed in my field:


      Common Complications

      Superficial infection
      Joint stiffness, temporary
      Nerve injury, temporary
      Permanent numbness around incision
      Need for additional (unplanned) surgery
      Incomplete resolution of all pain
      Wound dehiscence/Skin slough

      Unusual Complications

      Deep infection
      Recurrent infection
      Malunion (bony deformity)
      Incomplete correction of deformity or leg length discrepancy
      Recurrence of the condition
      Nonunion (bone does not heal)
      Delayed bone healing
      Avascular necrosis (bone loses blood supply)

      Joint deformity
      Joint stiffness, permanent
      Fracture of bone at pin site or other site (broken bone)
      Deep venous thrombosis (DVT) (blood clot)
      Chronic pain
      Failure of the procedure 
      Unhappiness with the procedure
      New pain in other regions
      Need for revision surgery
      Need for fusion
      Cosmetic deformity 
      Need for ambulatory aids 
      Shoe modifications 
      Change in activities of daily living

      Rare Complications

      Nerve injury, permanent
      Artery injury
      Need for blood transfusion
      Compartment syndrome (excessive swelling in leg that could lead to permanent loss of function)
      Inability to return to work
      Fat embolism

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