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      Possible Surgical Complications

      Unfortunately, no surgical procedure has a 100% success rate. Complications are an inevitable part of the surgery that all patients should be aware of. This does not mean that you WILL develop a complication. Below are some of the complications observed in my field:

      Common Complications

      • Superficial infection
      • Hematoma
      • Joint stiffness, temporary
      • Nerve injury, temporary
      • Permanent numbness around incision
      • Need for additional (unplanned) surgery
      • Incomplete resolution of all pain
      • Wound dehiscence/Skin slough

      Unusual Complications

      • Deep infection
      • Recurrent infection
      • Malunion (bony deformity)
      • Incomplete correction of deformity or leg length discrepancy
      • Recurrence of the condition
      • Nonunion (bone does not heal)
      • Delayed bone healing
      • Avascular necrosis (bone loses blood supply)
      • Joint deformity
      • Joint stiffness, permanent
      • Fracture of bone at pin site or other sites (broken bone)
      • Deep venous thrombosis (DVT) (blood clot)
      • Chronic pain
      • Neuroma
      • Failure of the procedure
      • Unhappiness with the procedure
      • New pain in other regions
      • Need for revision surgery
      • Need for fusion
      • Cosmetic deformity
      • Need for ambulatory aids
      • Shoe modifications
      • Change in activities of daily living

      Rare Complications

      • Nerve injury, permanent
      • Artery injury
      • Need for blood transfusion
      • Compartment syndrome (excessive swelling in the leg that could lead to permanent loss of function)
      • Inability to return to work
      • Fat embolism
      • Amputation
      • Death

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