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      Arthritis of the Middle of the Foot: Causes and Solutions

      Middle Foot Arthritis

      Arthritis of the middle of the foot is a debilitating condition that can occur as a consequence of a fracture, a foot deformity, bunions, rheumatoid arthritis, and more.

      Middle Foot Arthritis Treatment Options

      The use of hard-soled shoes with a soft insole or orthotics (depending on the deformity) can provide relief. Cortisone and stem cell injections can provide short-term relief but unfortunately will not cure arthritis.

      When the above have failed surgery may be recommended. The type of surgery will vary depending on the underlying condition and could consist of a fusion of the joints (don’t worry, this doesn’t always result in less motion!) or a foot realignment.

      Whenever possible I try to perform the procedures through keyhole surgery (2mm incisions) to reduce postop pain and increase the chance of bone healing.

      - Dr. Ettore Vulcano MD -

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