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      Patient Testimonials

      Being able to walk without pain feels like a miracle to me. They don't make doctors like him anymore. He is thorough, personable, and with a great sense of humor.

      - SC

      I cannot recommend Dr. Vulcano highly enough. He is a true professional in his field, highly skilled, meticulous and caring. He was able to resolve my issue and provide the aftercare necessary for me to make a full recovery.

      - MSC

      My experience with Dr Vulcano was nothing but positive. He was easy to speak to, very professional, and he took his time to explain to me everything I had questions about in regard to the procedure we were discussing. I highly recommend him.

      - AC

      Extensively knowledgeable ankle and foot expert. With all the pounding I take on the basketball and volleyball courts, Dr. Vulcano keeps me going day in and day out. And the best thing is he does it with a smile. Highly recommended.

      - GT

      Was very satisfied with my bunion surgery, was back at work as a hairdresser in 2 weeks, did not have to take strong pain medications after surgery, can't wait to have the second one done.

      - PK

      Doctor Vulcano is very professional. He goes above and beyond as a surgeon. I can't recommend him high enough.

      - MP

      Dr Vulcano was the only one, among 5 different surgeons, to suggest my condition could be treated. I decided to trust him, and I am glad I did. I feel like a million bucks and cannot believe I got my life back, his bedside manners are excellent, he listens, he answers questions.

      - EM

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