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      Neuroma Surgery in Miami Beach, FL

      Neuroma Surgery Miami Beach FL

      Minimally Invasive Morton's Neuroma Surgery: What is it?

      In between the metatarsal bones and the toes on the bottom of the foot, a nerve is pinched. As the nerve gets pinched, the nerve gets swollen, and we call this a neuroma.

      A minimally invasive procedure (a single 2 mm incision) can be performed by opening up the space where the neuroma is pinched. This allows us to preserve the nerve, thus preventing the permanent numbness between the toes that is inevitable when the neuroma is cut.

      Neuroma Surgery Recovery - General Facts

      • You can expect mild to moderate pain for a few days
      • You are allowed to walk on the foot the day after surgery
      • You may use crutches or a walker if you need support
      • You may drive by about 4 days if it is your left foot, and 7 days if your right foot
      • You can start exercising as soon as you are comfortable but in the surgical sandal
      • You will be able to wear a sneaker-type shoe at about 6 weeks
      • The toes will remain puffy and swollen for about 3-6 months
      • Full recovery is expected 3-6 months

      Neuroma Surgery - Specific Post-Operative Course

      Week 0-2

      • Foot wrapped in a bulky bandage and surgical shoe
      • Ice, elevate, take pain medication as needed
      • Bloody drainage through bandage expected
      • You may walk on foot if comfortable

      Week 2-6

      • First follow-up in the office
      • Continue walking in surgical shoe
      • May drive in surgical shoe

      Week 6

      • Allowed to walk in sneaker
      • Resume activities as tolerated

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