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      Knock Knees Correction in Miami Beach, FL

      Knock Knees Correction Miami Beach FL

      Knock Knees

      If your knees bend inward and affect how you walk, you may need an evaluation and treatment for a deformity known as knock knees.

      Skilled orthopedic surgeon, Ettore Vulcano, MD, offers on-site diagnostics for knock knees at his practice in Miami Beach, FL. Dr. Vulcano can evaluate the health of your knees and determine the right treatment based on the severity of your condition.

      Learn more about the treatments available for knock knees by scheduling a consultation online or by phone today.

      Knock Knees FAQs

      What is knock knees?

      Knock knee is a condition where your knees touch each other but your ankles don’t. Knock knees are a common issue among children, who often grow out of the condition as they get older.

      In some cases, however, knock knees can continue as the child ages or develop in kids that have an underlying medical condition, like metabolic bone disorders. Other common causes of knock knees include:

      • Obesity
      • Arthritis
      • Leg or knee injury
      • Vitamin deficiency

      You can also develop knock knees due to genetic factors.

      What are the symptoms of knock knees?

      Knock knees are easily noticeable, and you may also experience other symptoms that are common with a knock knee condition. These symptoms can include:

      • Knee pain
      • Noticeable limp
      • Stiffness in your knee joint

      You may also experience pain that develops in your feet, hips, and ankles due to the way you walk as the result of knock knees.

      How are knock knees diagnosed?

      In older children and adults, Dr. Vulcano can evaluate the condition of your knees and reviews your personal and family medical history. He looks at the alignment of your knees and how you walk. Dr. Vulcano also measures your knees to determine if they’re the same length.

      You may need imaging tests, like an MRI or X-rays, to determine the severity of your condition and to help Dr. Vulcano make a custom treatment plan to address your specific needs.

      What treatments are available for knock knees?

      Initially, Dr. Vulcano may suggest physical therapy to strengthen your leg muscles and realign your knee joints. It can also be helpful to lose excess weight and incorporate daily exercise into your routine to help you maintain a healthy body weight.

      Special shoe inserts can address the way you walk, especially if you have uneven leg measurements. Braces may be useful in children for correcting the position of their knees.

      In severe cases of knock knees, you may need surgery. A common type of surgery is known as a knee osteotomy.

      This procedure allows Dr. Vulcano the opportunity to resize your shin or thighbone to correct the alignment of your knees. This type of surgery may also include the insertion of a metal plate to stabilize your knee and keep it in the correct position.

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