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      MINIMALLY INVASIVE Hallux Fusion in Miami Beach, FL

      Hallux Fusion Surgery Miami Beach FL

      Hallux Fusion - Fusion of the Hallux MP Joint. What is it?

      • This operation is designed to glue (fuse) the big toe joint together. It is also called an arthrodesis of the big toe or metatarsophalangeal joint. This is a very commonly performed operation for arthritis and deformity of the big toe joint.
      • Once fused, the big toe does not move except at the end joint
      • The toe is positioned according to the need to roll off the big toe, exercise or the desire for different types including high heel shoes
      • Once fusion is successful, you will be able to wear most shoes, including a high heel if desired of about one and a half inches.
      • There are no limits to exercise activities after the fusion, including all sports and running.

      Hallux Fusion Recovery - General Facts

      • In most patients, the surgery can be performed with a minimally invasive (keyhole surgery) technique
      • You are able to walk on the outside of the foot the day after surgery
      • You must wear your surgical shoe at all times until the joint is fused
      • You may not walk barefoot at all even in the house without this shoe
      • You may drive as soon as comfortable, usually at 4 days if the left foot and 21 days if the right foot.
      • The surgical shoe is worn for 6-8 weeks
      • Limited exercise that does not involve any bending of the big toe joint is allowed at about 4 weeks after surgery

      Hallux Fusion Recovery - Specific Post-Operative Course

      Week 0-2

      • Foot wrapped in a bulky bandage and surgical shoe
      • Ice, elevate, take pain medication
      • Blood drainage through bandage is expected
      • Do not remove surgical shoe

      Week 2-6

      • Shower allowed

      Week 6

      • Remove surgical shoe
      • Do not roll off on the big toe for one more month.
      • A stiff-soled shoe is important for one to two months
      • A regular shoe may then be worn as comfortable

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