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      Fractured Ankle

      Leading a physically active lifestyle can increase your risk for an ankle fracture. As an orthopedic specialist, Ettore Vulcano, MD, is well-equipped to address ankle fractures and prevent long-term ankle issues.

      Dr. Vulcano offers on-site diagnostics, including X-rays, to identify ankle fractures. He also provides minimally invasive surgeries to repair bone breaks and stabilize your ankle joint.

      Learn more about options for treating an ankle fracture by scheduling a consultation online or by phone today.

      Fractured Ankle FAQs

      What is an ankle fracture?

      There are three bones that make up your ankle joint. The tibia is the large bone at the top of the joint, the fibula is the smaller bone on the outside of the joint, and the talus is the dome-shaped bone in the lower part of the joint.

      Any of these bones are at risk for a fracture, or a break in the bone, often due to overuse injuries, like twisting your ankle, or direct trauma to the ankle joint. The fracture can be a partial or complete break in the bone.

      The two main types of ankle fractures include a stable fracture, when the bone remains intact, and an unstable fracture, where the bone separates.

      What are the symptoms of an ankle fracture?

      When you have an ankle fracture, you may experience pain in the area of the break, which can also radiate up into your knee or down into your foot. Other common symptoms of an ankle fracture include:

      • Swelling
      • Bruising
      • Difficulties walking
      • Noticeable ankle deformity

      In serious fractures where the bone breaks completely, you may also see a portion of your bone protruding through your skin.

      How is an ankle fracture diagnosed?

      If you have symptoms of an ankle fracture or are unable to put weight on the affected ankle, Dr. Vulcano discusses the activities that lead to pain and performs an exam of your ankle.

      To confirm a fracture and understand the severity of your condition, Dr. Vulcano requests an X-ray or another imaging test. The results of your test help him create a treatment plan to ensure the proper healing of your ankle bones.

      What treatments are available for an ankle fracture?

      If you have a stable fracture, you might not need surgery. Dr. Vulcano can discuss options for healing the bone through rest and ice therapy.

      You may need to spend some downtime elevating your ankle to reduce inflammation and encourage the bone to heal on its own, and over-the-counter or prescription medications can alleviate pain and inflammation.

      For an unstable break, you may need surgery to realign the bones of your ankle joint and repair the surrounding soft tissues. Dr. Vulcano offers minimally invasive surgical techniques to make repairs and stabilize your ankle joint.

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