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      Minimally Invasive Hallux Rigidus Procedures

      Not all patients with arthritis of the big toe (hallux rigidus) require a fusion to treat the condition. Some patients may be eligible for minimally invasive procedures or open procedures to retain or increase range of motion and reduce pain.

      Two of the most important procedures are the:

      • Cheilectomy and Moberg Osteotomy
      • Interposition Arthroplasty

      Moberg Osteotomy Procedure

      The Cheilectomy / Moberg Osteotomy is a minimally invasive procedure (keyhole surgery) to shave down arthritis and increase the range of motion. This is most commonly performed in the earlier stages of the disease.

      Interposition Arthroplasty

      The interposition arthroplasty is reserved for more severe cases of hallux rigidus. It consists of shaving the arthritic bone and recreating a joint space by using a tendon. The latter will create padding in the joint thus alleviating pain while retaining the range of motion.

      Big Toe Arthritis Surgery Recovery: General Facts

      • Once the joint has healed, you will be allowed to wear most shoes, including a high heel if desired.
      • There are no limits to exercise activities after the surgery, including all sports and running.
      • You are able to walk on the outside of the foot the day after surgery
      • You must wear your surgical shoe at all times for 6 weeks
      • You may not walk barefoot at all even in the house without this shoe
      • You may drive as soon as comfortable, usually at 4 days if the left foot and 21 days if the right foot.
      • The surgical shoe is worn for 6-8 weeks
      • Low-impact exercise is allowed at about 2 weeks after surgery in the surgical boot
      • Range of motion exercises of the big toe begins about 2 weeks after surgery

      Specific Post-Operative Course

      Big Toe Arthritis Surgery Miami Beach FL

      Week 0-2

      • Foot wrapped in a bulky bandage and surgical shoe
      • Ice, elevate, take pain medication as needed
      • Blood drainage through bandage is expected
      • Do not remove surgical shoe

      Week 2-6

      • Shower allowed
      • Keep using surgical shoe
      • Start hallux range of motion

      Week 6

      • Remove surgical shoe
      • Start PT
      • A regular shoe may then be worn as comfortable

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